Monday, December 13, 2010

Service Learning November 11th

On this day I participated in the service learning activity named Through the Eyes of a Child. It was a very well planned and thought out event that older college students spend a day with a little kid while doing activities that were holiday related. These activities included cookie decorating, ornament making, face painting, holiday gift cards, and etc. I was originally just an event helper in which I would plan for the day, but not actually recieve a buddy. As the day went on they allowed to meet up with my friend who had a buddy named Josh. I went through all the activitites with them two. It was a great time, and I enjoyed seeing Josh and all the other little kids look up to us. It was perfect for right around the holiday season. It was good bonding time with the little kids and to see how they think and act. The college students were really in charge so as much as we enjoyed it we also had to make sure we did not lose anyone. I greatly enjoyed this service learning and was much better than my forgetful past service learning. This event lead me to rethink about doing a service learning in the future.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Service Learning November 4th

My third vist at Noble elementary school was very memorable. Actors from a theater in Cleveland came in to have fun with the kids and show them acting. Mrs. Albert's class fortunately went to the actors during my time there. The kids seemed very excited. One of the kids told me that he heard from other classes that this is real fun. I had a blast and it made me want to be a kid again. The whole class including me got into costumes and performed a story of a turtle who wanted to fly. Everywhere I looked kids were laughing and smiling. I was starting to build relaionships with a lot of the kids.

Service Learning October 20th

I went to my 2nd week of service learning and it was very good to meet the actual teacher of the classroom named Mrs. Albert. The kids seemed excited  Iwas back. They gave me a lot of respect and it made me feel good. Mrs. Albert told me to give each student in the room a reading test in the hallway. One by one I took individual kids and let them read the test Mrs. Albert provided. I quickly realized the big gap in the class between kids who coud read well and others who struggled. For the ones that struggled I tried to help them sound out the words. I started recognizing names to faces by the 2nd week.

Service Learning October 13th

Today was my first day on my first ever service learning project. I am at Noble elementary school. When I first got there the principal assigned each person in my group a different classroom that we would be in for the project. I first entered and noticed that I had my first day I had a sub in the classroom. The students were a bit noisy probably because they had a sub and not a real teacher. At one point I read them a story during snack time and they seemed very into the book. I enjoyed it! Before I left several of the students camp up to me and gave me a hug. I think they enjoyed my presence.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Weblog 6

Based off chapter nine in our book, "The School Culture" I decided to bring my highschool agenda book to class as a prop. I thought this was a perfect example because each kid in our school recieved an agenda book so we can all be organzied. With organization comes success and good note taking skills. This one item that was brought into our school's culture turned out to be a very big item that the students reacted well to and said it helped them.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

WebLog 4

My timeline entry has been posted on time toast. The idea of a writing circle is a great way of hearing outside opinions to make your writing and ideas better. For next Tuesday we are assigned to do some commentary on the essay proposals. With my writing circle I'm hoping to achieve a few things. As we have all laid out our topics and direction where we would like to go, there is always the possibility that were missing something. That is what the use of the the commentary is. I look forward to reading proposals in my group and giving them feedback in what I would like to see in the final product. I hope to receive some tips and ideas in what I should not forget to mention in my essay. Three minds are always better than one!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

WebLog 3

1. Is it better to learn diversity through service learning or by living life and seeing different people's experience?

2. How can we possibly interact with someone who has a total different background and past then us if we have no knowledge at all of the situation? Yes we must share past experiences, but we have to start somewhere. Thats what service learning does.

3. Do people get all postive things out of service learning or do some get a negative experience out of it?

4. Can you ever go through a service learning and truly say to yourself that you got nothing out of it?

5. Does a similar type of service learning in one country compared to the U.S affect us differently?